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Welcome to Zoll & Legal!

Zoll & Legal is a firm of consultants specialized on Customs, Foreign exchange regulation and Investment in Sub-Saharan region. Since 2013, we have assisted and provided advice to many multinationals, international organizations and local businesses on issues related to customs formalities, customs procedures and control and customs litigation.

All our services in Customs matters in Foreign exchange regulations and Investments takes account of the local content and are brought you in compliance with the methodological requirements demonstrated high level of professionalism consulting…

Our services are highly appreciated by our clients and partners.

We will gladly assist you in customs matters, foreign exchange regulations and investments. THIS IS OUR BUSINESS!!! This is what we can do!

Which Clients have we worked for?

We attended multinationals, subsidiaries, international organizations, local businesses, etc. operating in the following sectors:

  • Customs and the maritime sector;
  • Banking sector;
  • Oil and gas sector (upstream and downstream);
  • International Trade Sector (import and export);
  • Industrial sector;
  • Services and telecommunications sectors;
  • Forests and agriculture;
  • Law of intellectual property.

Assistance to controls and customs litigation and foreign exchange

Upon receipt of a simple notification, a mission order or a customs offense in minutes involving your business, we are at your disposal to defend your interests against the allegations of the customs administration or the administration in charge of financial relations with foreign (foreign exchange).

In addition, we assist our clients in the implementation of procedures enabling them to make better use of simplifications measures and customs incentives existing. We assist you in preparation of correspondence and necessary records by using all instruments currently in force likely to enable optimization and efficient security of your interests. For our clients having an annual assistance contract relating to customs or foreign exchange, we work 24 hours / 24 and 7 / 7. Our assistance consists in carrying the services listed in the Subscription Agreement further to a verbal or written solicitation.

Clients who are not under contract with us, our team is at your disposal as soon as we have agreed on the general conditions of our intervention.

Assistance in customs and legal issues

One of our main activities is to advise our clients before and after in their import and export operations, as well as on the tools to optimize and secure their company in relationship with the customs and on foreign exchange.

Similarly we use our rich experience in customs audit, audit in foreign exchange regulations and legal audit to protect them preventive or curative manner against the risk of customs offenses and exchange which they are exposed.

In case of difficulties due to non-Customs Compliance or tax rules, which occurred accidentally or due to a lack of knowledge, we are at your disposal to help you prepare and conduct your case with the customs authorities and joint bodies both national and Community.

We assist you on the studies of your public – private partnerships oriented toward the facilitation of trade, and in particular the application of the methods for the reduction of obstacles which may hinder your international trading activities in the OHBLA’s countries (OHADA).

The whole of our team of consultants enjoys an excellent experience in these matters to ensure assistance of high-quality expertise, taking account the rules of risk management, the specificity of your business, the latest regulatory developments and jurisprudence relating thereto.

Zoll & Legal will be happy to assist you on:

  • Customs Audit, audit in foreign exchange regulations and legal audit;
  • Drafting your advance rulings projects;
  • Drafting your strategic arguments and your technical documents required in various customs procedures, foreign exchange and legal;
  • Advice on your particular situation and the risks to be avoided;
  • Obtainment of economic incentives and customs procedures.

Assistance in customs conventions

The import and export operations involve a number of actors throughout the supply chain. These actors and operators are subjected to multiple rules and purposes. To comply with these rules and purposes, they generally impose contracts in their relationship with the importers and exporters.

Our mission in this frame is to assist you to achieve the best conditions for business, contracts, or to choose the best operators who might help you to optimize and to secure your operations in the customs area. Therefore, we support you in the development of your projects of contracts with Customs brokers, Maritime Authorities, Harbor Authorities, Customs authorities, National shippers’ Council, Banks, Insurance companies, etc.

Thus, we assist you in the organization of your relationships with operators and actors of customs sector, such as licensed customs brokers, transportation brokers and authorities, port, maritime and customs authorities. We use our expertise to anticipate failing which undermine relations with those entities of customs and maritime sector.

Zoll & Legal will be especially happy to assist you:

  • Writing your framework agreement and transit orders with the licensed customs broker, transportation brokers and authorities, port, maritime and customs authorities : Memoranda of Understanding, framework contract; concession agreement, etc.;
  • Negotiating, drafting and defending customs and port sea agreements;
  • Drafting of proposal of amendment or amendments of existing agreements;
  • Assistance in updating of the different aspects of your contracts under the current regulations;

We also assist you in the preparation of technical documents required by the authorities the regulations in force in the framework of public-private partnerships and other partnerships relating to these conventions.

Training by Seminars and Customs Coaching

In Order to ensure you a successful optimization of the customs function in your business and help you anticipate the effective managements of various customs risks throughout the supply chain, Zoll & Legal assists you in training your teams responsible for customs matters, the foreign exchange regulations and investments through, firstly, seminars, trainings , secondly, its special program of professional coaching customs.

During the past three years we have programmed a total of 75 courses in our areas of expertise (see below our annual training catalogs (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016): customs, foreign exchange regulations business law under the legislation in force in the sub-Saharan region, especially in the CEMAC, ECOWAS and other countries of OHADA.

Our offer of training involves two main formulas: training and coaching.

In case of ordinary training:

Our assistance is given to you through public or private seminars out or in you premises. Our yearly catalogue helps you to find out the training that corresponds to your need. However, we are at your disposal if you need specific training in our areas of expertise. Our team of consultants of Zoll and legal customs training business unit will be pleased to help your team to improve on a specific aspect of your business. All companies we trained until this day gave us satisfactory questionnaire.

In case of our Customs coaching Program:

The team of Zoll & Legal customs training business unit, under the coordination of Dr. Beauclair Nkamga Njoya, has set up a special and unique training program relating to customs: the Zoll & Legal customs coaching, which is organized as follows:

  • B to B Training planned in advance and dispensed at your premises;
  • A knowledge transfer to answer your needs with a practical approach;
  • The use of new information and communications technology in various aspects of training, into account constraints of your work environment;
  • Special professional internship from a few days to the places where your difficulties and needs are addressed.