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Zoll & Legal is a Consultant Firm specialized in customs matters, exchanges regulations and investment in the sub-Saharan region. We have been handling many customs formalities and providing advice on customs procedures and litigations since 2013. In the three pass years, we have worked for multinationals, international organizations and local companies operating in our fields.
Our assistance in the management of customs litigations and in advice on customs procedures and exchanges regulation is well appreciated by our clients, our partners! We will be happy to act as your Customs/Exchanges regulations/investment counselor. It is our job!
Our full service in matters relating to customs, exchanges regulations and investment takes into account the local content. Furthermore, our methodology of consultancy involves what your have been looking for in terms of professionalism…


As an international customs agency, Zoll & Legal has been handling all customs formalities and providing advice on procedures since 2013. We will be happy to act as your FULL-SERVICE AGENCY IN ALL MATTERS RELATING TO CUSTOMS.

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In the last three years, Zoll & Legal assisted many companies in several matters of customs and customs litigations, financial relations with foreign, investment, Trade facilitation, Business law and Legal lobbying. We handled for multinationals, subsidiaries, international organization, etc. operating in the:
– Customs and maritime sector;
– Bank sector;
– Oil and Gas sector (down stream and up stream) ;
– Import and export sector;
– Industrial and manufacturing sector
– Services and telecommunication;
– Forestry and agriculture;
– Intellectual property right.


Assistance with customs checks and applications

In case of a short notice or in case of full customs litigations where your company is concerned, we are at your disposal for the defense of your interests in front of authorities.
Furthermore, we assist our clients in the procedures that help them to take advantage of customs simplifications and incitation. We help in preparing applications needed and in defending your purpose in front of the customs authorities. We also assist you in organizing your relationship with the customs operators such as customs brokers and port and maritime authorities.
For our clients under an annual contract for customs assistance, we work 24 hours/24, 7 days/7. Our assistance consists in performing the services listed in the Agreement for customs assistance, as soon as a verbal or a written request of assistance is done.

For clients that are not under a contract with us, our team is at your disposal as soon as we agreed on the general terms of our intervention.

Assistance with tax and legal issues

One of our main activities is to advice our clients prior and a posteriori to their import and export transactions, and on how to optimize and secure their business in relation with the customs and exchanges regulations rules in force.
At the time difficulties arise, notably because customs or tax regulations have not been observed either accidentally or as a result of a lack of knowledge, we are at your disposal to assist you in preparing and conducting any correspondence with the customs authorities with care and, above all, on the basis of our professional expertise. In fact, that determines the outcome of a case.
Furthermore, we assist you on studies about public private partnerships oriented towards trade facilitation and notably the application of methods for the reduction of barriers which can hinder trade.in the OHADA countries.
Our experiences team is all along happy to provide you with a first-class expertise taking into account risk management rules, the specificity of your business in the jurisdiction where we intervene for you and the local content principles,.
Zoll & Legal will be happy to assist you with:
• customs audit and exchange regulations audit;
• drafting your rebate applications
• drafting your argumentation strategy and objections;
• advice on your specific case and on the risk to be avoided;
• obtaining of customs economic regime.


Assistance with customs agreements

Import and export operations involve a certain number of actors all along the supply chain. These actors are subjected to several rules and purposes. To be compliant with these rules and purposes, they generally impose contracts to importers and exporters in their relationship.

Our job is to assist you in determining the best terms of business, the best agreement, or the best operators that could help you to optimize and secure your operations within the customs area. Therefore, we assist you in the setting up of your agreement with customs brokers, port sea authorities, customs authorities, the local or national shippers’ council, Banks, Insurance companies, related to customs and exchanges regulations matters, etc.

Zoll & Legal will be happy to assist you with:

    • Drafting your general contract with customs brokers and your day to day transit order formula;
    • Negotiating, drafting and defending customs and port sea agreements;
    • Drafting your proposal of amendment of the former agreements;
    • Advising on the updating of several aspects of your agreements with regard to the evolution of regulations in force ;

We also assist you on the preparation of technical files required by the authorities and the regulations in force within the framework of theses agreement.

Help through training and customs coaching

In order to optimize your supply chain management processes sustainably and promote flexibility and safety in your activities, Zoll & Legal assist you in the training and the professional coaching of your teams in charge of customs matters, exchange regulations and investment matters.
With regard to our experience in customs activities carried out by companies in the sub- Saharan region and, taking into account the declarative customs system in force in our jurisdictions, Zoll & Legal has assisted a multiple number of companies in the training of their staff in customs maters. For the pass 3 years, we had programed a total 75 trainings in our fields of specialization (see our yearly training catalogues below (2014, 2015, 2016).
By doing that, we helped our clients and partners to optimize and safe theirs customs activities. We up-to-date their knowledge of customs and exchange regulations and business law with regard to the evolution of the regulations in force in the sub- Saharan region and notably the CAEMC, ECOWAS region and others OHADA countries.
Our offer of training involves two main services: training and coaching. Through these technics, Zoll & Legal combines practice-based expertise with professional lines of teaching.
In this field of our competence, we will assist you with :
In case of ordinary training :
On this aspect, our assistance is given to you through public or private seminars out or in you premises. Our yearly catalogue helps you to find out the training that corresponds to your need. However, we are at your disposal should you need specific training in our fields. Our consultants of the Zoll and legal customs training business unit will be happy to help your team to improve on a specific aspect of your business. All the companies we trained till today gave us satisfactory questionnaire. Just try our solutions and you will advise it to your partners and relatives. These solutions involve:
• Flexible courses that can be planned in advance
• Knowledge transfer to meet your needs;
• Free software and soft files concerning your needs;
• Etc.
In case of our Customs coaching program:
The Zoll & Legal customs training business unit has put in place a special program of training in customs matters: the Zoll Legal customs Coaching.
• B to B courses planned in advance, held in your premises;
• Knowledge transfer to meet your needs on a practical approach ;
• Free software and soft files concerning your needs;
• Special professional internship of some days in the place where your needs are treated.